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The 2018 Ford F-150: Horsepower. Torque. Efficiency?

The 2018 Ford F-150 will bring a lot to the table when it releases later this year. One of the unexpected benefits truck drivers might be able to take advantage of however, is a decrease in their weekly fuel bill.

While it won't be able to offer anything on par with the efficiency enjoyed by smaller sedans and hybrid vehicles, the 2018 F-150 will enjoy several engine options that are more fuel efficient than in past years.

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If You're a Recent College Grad, You Should Consider the 2017 Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Choosing a car after college can be a challenge for many drivers. If you're a recent grad near Middleton, you might consider a 2017 Fiesta Hatchback from Middleton Ford. Here are a few reasons we love it.

It's Convenient: The Fiesta is not a large car, but its hatchback design makes the most of the space available. Pop the hatch and it's easy to stow a variety of cargo items. Fold down the rear…

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Keeping Your Tires at the Correct Pressure Can Save You Time, Money, and Headaches

Tires: They're often overlooked, but they're among the most important components on any vehicle. Without tires, you're not going anywhere. Vehicles can vary in size, purpose, features, and more, but they all depend on tires to get you where you're going. If you don't keep them at proper pressure, you and your ride will suffer from it.

First, incorrect tire pressure can hurt your wallet. Cars are designed to reach peak fuel efficiency when they're riding on tires that are filled correctly. Too much or too little pressure can diminish gas mileage and keep…

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